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Canada has brought countless numbers of newcomers to work and settle in with their families. The Federal Skilled Worker program is one of the main methods of doing that.
Minimum requirements:
Skilled work experience:
– At least on year(1560 hours) in the last 10 years, continues full time(30 hours/week for 12 months) or an equal amount in part time (15 hours/ week for 24 months).
– Paid work, and in the same National Occupational Classification skill type (0,A or B).
Language Ability:
You must pass a minimum language requirement in either English or French. Take a language test approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) that will show your level in speaking, listening, reading , and writing
Six selection factors:
You must get a minimum of 67 points that are determined by the six selection factors. Those factors are:
1. Language skills:
Only one of the two official Canadian languages is required English or French, you can get a maximum of 28 points(24 for the first language English or French, and 4 points for the second one).
2. Education:
Depending on the academic qualifications applicants can receive up to 25 points.
3. Work Experience:
Amount of time of full-time and part-time skilled work experience can get the applicant up to 15 points.
4. Age:
12 points is the maximum points awarded under this category.
5. Job offers:
Having a valid full-time job offer from a Canadian employer can grant the applicant up to 10 points.
6. Adaptability:
Points in this category are awarded depending on the applicants liability to settle in and fit in the Canadian Society easily.


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